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Re-homing your pet

We do not accept surrendered animals from the general public but we will help you with rehoming your pet as much as we can. This process entails us meeting your pet to develop a bio profile on the pet including photos, video of a temperament test and information such as the pet’s age, weight, breed, sex, and behavior patterns. All owner relinquished pets must sign a relinquishment form.


Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is widely recognized as the answer to controlling feral cat populations. Instead of euthanizing feral cats which creates a vacuum that is quickly replaced by new cats, TNR stabilizes the cat population, leading to better health conditions and an end to additional cats being born. Those that are truly feral and not socialized with humans are not suited to be “rehabilitated” to live inside, they are best left in the communities they are familiar with to live out their lives. If you would like to get involved in TNR in your neighborhood please contact Pat ( for information on how to make a difference in these cats lives. Cats are domestic animals, none of them asked to be placed in the conditions they are in but they are survivors and adapt well. TNR is the least we can do to fix the problems society has created for these animals. We can provide the traps and pay for the neuter appointments if you would like to help out!

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